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A Wing and A Care

Migration Productions’ latest work, “A Wing and a Care,” opens a window onto the lives of Snowy Owls, Atlantic Puffins and American Kestrels, and introduces you to the men dedicated to their preservation and survival.

Visit the "A Wing and a Care" page for more information.

Epic Journeys

"Epic Journeys" looks at three shorebird species—Red Knot, Piping Plover and Semipalmated Sandpiper—and the challenges these species face during each of their monumental annual treks.

Interviews and footage were shot on Plymouth Beach and South Beach in Massachusetts, the Bay of Fundy in Canada, and Cape May, New Jersey.

Visit the "Epic Journeys" page for more information and clips.

Looking Skyward: A Passion for Hawkwatching

2006 Woods Hole Film Festival Winner - Best Film, Cape Cod Section

Hawk watchers are a different breed of birders, gathering in large numbers on mountaintops and rocky outcrops to observe the annual migration. “Looking Skyward” examines this tribal community and their fascination with birds of prey. Included are video footage of a wide range of raptors in flight (provided by Don Crockett), exploration of some of the prime locations for viewing in the Northeast, as well as interviews with Pete Dunne, Bill Clark, Laurie Goodrich and others.

If you are interested in presenting “Looking Skyward” on your own at a meeting, presentation or festival, please contact us for details about a public performance license that will permit you to present a purchased DVD at your event.

“Looking Skyward” A Passion for Hawk Watching is now available for purchase as a DVD from the following retailers (MSRP $20):
Buteo Books
Mass Audubon Shop at Drumlin Farm

Retailers, please contact us to inquire about wholesale purchase.

Bonus Materials on the DVD Include:

  • ID’d Photos of Birds Featured in the Video
  • Additional Owl and Raptor Photo Galleries
  • A List of Web Resources with Active Links You Can Access from Your Computer
  • A Book and Video Resource List
  • More Information About Northeast Hawk Watching Hotspots Including Cape May and Hawk Mountain
  • An Informational Video on the American Birding Association’s Birders’ Exchange Program. Birders' Exchange video approximate running time: 8 min

“Looking Skyward: A Passion for Hawkwatching"
Approximate running time: 17 min.

© 2006 Migration Productions.
Producers: Shawn Carey & Jim Grady
Video Editing: John Sutherland
Video Interviews: John Sutherland
Writer: Fred Bouchard
Photography: Shawn Carey
Videography (Birds):Don Crockett  (Great Blue Virtual Tours)
Soundtrack: Chris Duval
Narration: Don Westscott
Audio Assist: Ken Lacouture

Birders' Exchange

The Birders’ Exchange Video is a video brochure designed to explain how people can help with donations of used equipment (binoculars, tri-pods, scopes, cameras, etc.) that in turn can be sent to people in Central and South America that have little or no equipment. The video explains how the program was started, how you can help, who receives the donated equipment, and why it’s so important that we help with such a project. The Birders’ Exchange program is run by Betty Petersen of the American Birding Association. For more information visit Birders’ Exchange.

Executive Producer: Betty Petersen
Producers: Shawn Carey & Jim Grady
Video Editing: Jim Grady
Writer: Fred Bouchard
Photography: Shawn Carey
Videography: Don Crockett  (Great Blue Virtual Tours)
Video Interviews: John Sutherland
Narration: Wayne Petersen

Birder's Exchange Video

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