Workshops & Lectures

Over the last 15 years, Shawn Carey's photos have appeared in the Boston Globe, New York Times, Mass Audubon Sanctuary magazine, Science magazine, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary magazine, and many others. He has been presenting programs and teaching workshops for local and national camera clubs, birding organizations, and at birding events since 1994. In 1997 he started teaching bird photography workshops (Fundamentals of Bird Photography) for the Massachusetts Audubon Society, and seven years ago began teaching a summer field school for Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay.

Shawn's current workshop and lecture topics include:

Descriptions of each program can be found below. Check the Events Calendar to view upcoming dates and venues. Shawn is available to present any of these workshops or lectures at your club meetings or festivals. We can also provide a full range of audio visual equipment depending on the size of the venue and audience. Contact Shawn for more information.

Take Control of your Digital Photos using Adobe Lightroom

Do you have thousands of digital photos and have trouble organizing them? Do you need help on how to process a digital photo for output to e-mail or web?

Join wildlife photographer and Mass Audubon instructor Shawn Carey of Migration Productions for this Adobe Lightroom workshop. Learn how to manage your digital photo/files in a way that makes sense and is easy to learn--plus many shortcuts.

Section 1:

  • Understanding Lightroom and how it works: organize your photos/files
  • The Library module
  • Importing files, rating and editing or culling images
  • Proper backup of files and catalog

Section 2:

  • Keywords and Keyword list: the proper way to apply Keywords
  • Understanding collections and why they are useful

Section 3:

  • The Develop module
  • Develop and output for e-mail and web
Belted Kingfisher

Bird & Wildlife Photography in Massachusetts and Beyond: Where, When and How

Over the last ten years, bird and wildlife photography has seen a surge in popularity—thanks in large part to vast improvements in digital technology. Digital cameras are better, easier to use, and more affordable than ever. But how do you choose the right one? And once you have the camera, what’s next? Where do you go? When should you get there? And how do you turn those great views you’re getting into memorable images that truly capture the moment?

Don’t panic: wildlife photographer and educator Shawn Carey has you covered. Join Shawn as he expertly guides you through these topics and shares some tricks of the trade to help you truly enjoy your experience. He’ll explore three Mass Audubon properties—Museum of American Bird Art, Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary and Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary—all of which have observation or photo blinds to help get you closer to birds and other wildlife. Along with stories of his own experiences in the field, and lots of give-and-take with the audience, the gathering is sure to be eye-opening and lively.

Section 1: Photo equipment: cameras, lenses, tripods, photo blinds and other “odds and ends.”

Section 2: Location, location, location! Where and when to photograph birds and wildlife in Massachusetts, and what you’ll need when you get there—plus a few other locations in the U.S. that are well worth a visit (or two).

Barn Swallow

Birds and Other Wildlife of Florida’s Gulf Coast (Tampa to Naples)

Florida’s Gulf Coast is a photographer’s paradise, rich in birds and other wildlife and abounding in places to capture images of them. Some locations are well-known, others are hidden gems, but for wildlife photographers traveling to the Sunshine State, a visit to any of them can produce wonderful rewards.

For this presentation, renowned wildlife photographer Shawn Carey takes you on a journey to some of the Gulf Coast’s most popular wildlife destinations—Fort DeSoto, Venice Rookery, and ‘Ding’ Darling National Wildlife Refuge—as well as many lesser-known treasures like Venice Landfill, Myakka River State Park, and Bunch Beach. Along the way, he’ll talk about each location’s photographic hotspots and what you might expect to find, and he’ll share some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your camera and create a truly memorable experience. And since no day of photography is complete without a good meal, Shawn will pass along his recommendations for a good place to relax, eat, and recap the day’s adventures. So grab your gear, pack your sunscreen, and throw on your beach shoes as we search the Gulf Coast for Spoonbills, Alligators, Limpkins, and Eagles.

Iceland: Land of the Midnight Sun

Iceland abounds in natural splendor: Waterfalls and glaciers, panoramic views and otherworldly landscapes. It is a land of Northern Lights and midnight sun. And it is the realm of one of the world’s most charming and iconic birds: the Atlantic Puffin.

But Iceland is home to much more. During the summer months, Iceland’s round-the-clock sunlight draws in a panoply of birds: Razorbills and guillemots, phalaropes and godwits, plovers and terns, all accompany the puffins in nesting frenzy. Come along with wildlife photographer and Mass Audubon instructor Shawn Carey as he shares images, videos and stories from his journey across Iceland, from the island of Flatey, to the bird cliffs of Latabarg, to the Reykjavik peninsula. Along the way, we’ll meet Black-tailed Godwits, Arctic Terns, Red-necked Phalaropes, Black Guillemots, and many others. We’ll visit fjords, mountains, grasslands, and lava fields. And we’ll come face-to-face with Atlantic Puffins. So join us as we explore the wildlife and wonder of Iceland and discover why it’s a place no photographer should miss.

Tanzania: A Photographer’s Journey

East Africa evokes images of vast grasslands teeming with exotic animals. Enormous herds of wildebeests, zebras, antelopes, and gazelles graze under the watchful eyes of Africa’s great predators. It is nature at its most wild. In a region abundant with wildlife, perhaps no country is as celebrated as Tanzania. Home to the world famous Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park, Tanzania is a nature enthusiast’s paradise.
For this special presentation, join wildlife photographer Shawn Carey on an adventure into the heart of Tanzania. We’ll take a safari vehicle into the country’s spectacular national parks and see the “Big Five”—African Elephant, Black Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Lion, and Leopard—in all their glory. Along the way, we’ll search for and photograph Cheetahs, Giraffes, Black-backed Jackals, and Hippos. And we’ll encounter a panoply of Tanzania’s wonderful and amazing birds, including the Greater Flamingo, Lilac-breasted Roller, Little Bee-eater, Giant Kingfisher, and Grey-crowned Crane—the country’s national bird. If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting East Africa and its incredible wildlife, this is a journey you’ll never forget. And it may just have you planning your own African adventure.