Winter Ducks

For those of us that live in Massachusetts or New England winter really started on January 27. That was the first real heavy snow and for all of February and even into the first week of March is has been COLD and more snow then we know what to do with. This has put a real damper on photographing in some areas that in past winters I would have visited. With that in mind (more…)

GoPro, Plymouth Beach and Shorebirds

Over the past few year I have become increasingly interested in recording video of birds and other wildlife using any number of my Canon digital SLR bodies. The quality of the footage can often be remarkable and in many cases I find it more compelling then still photography.

The first test video I posted to YouTube in 2009 was of Harbor Seals off the coast of Massachusetts. It’s nothing special in my opinion but does show what you can do with a modest priced camera like a Canon 7D. I’m now using a Canon Mark IV and Canon 1DX. (more…)

Snowy Owl Project benefit & Photosharing

On Saturday November 15, 2014 myself (Shawn Carey) and Eric Smith hosted our annual Nature Photographers Photosharing Session with help from Ray MacDonald and Jim Grady at Mass Audubon Bluehills Trailside Museum in Milton as a benefit for Norman Smith and his Snowy Owl Project. All proceeds benefited the Snowy Owl Project.

If you would like to help Norman and the Snowy Owl Project please go the the Mass Audubon web site and click on the link to donate.